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About us

-“He that travels much, knows much.”

My name is Pádraic and I was born and raised and still live on the region’s only archipelago of islands in the south west part of Connemara.
My first language is Irish or Gaelic as it is sometimes referred to. The language is spoken on a daily basis and we conduct our business locally and nationally where possible, through the medium of Irish. The language is rich in culture and heritage and I am truly blessed to have it as part of my life and upbringing.

I grew up in Connemara with tourism often helping people who may have taken a wrong turn in their cars well before the days of satellite navigation! I also worked in our local pub and used to love meeting people from all over the world and telling them about the hidden gems in our area. Following school and college, I worked in a few different industries in sales and marketing roles but always yearned for the tourism industry and its focus on good old fashioned Irish hospitality.

I can arrange Day or Multi Day experiences for you or your clients incorporating elements of what you see on this website. However if there is a specific experience you wish for me to create, please do get in touch so as we can explore options together. If you are a Tour Operator or Agent, I work with a number of Destination Management Companies so please get in touch to discuss how we can work together.

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